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Vladislava Shelygina is a name that’s been creating quite a buzz in both the fashion industry and on social media. Thanks to her remarkable beauty and magnetic charisma, she’s managed to captivate the hearts of millions. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the life and path of Vladislava Shelygina, a renowned Russian model and influential figure in the world of social media.

Early Life and Passion for Modeling

Since she was a child, Vladislava Shelygina harbored a profound passion for the world of modeling and fashion. Growing up in Russia, she had a strong inclination towards expressing herself through various creative outlets. Her unwavering determination and relentless drive were unmistakable indicators that she was bound for remarkable achievements.

The Journey to Stardom

As Vladislava matured, her talent and distinctive sense of style began to garner the notice of experts in the fashion industry. Before long, she gained recognition for her exceptional contributions to the world of fashion. With every stride she took, she inched closer to stardom, and her renown extended far beyond the confines of Russia.

Date of BirthFebruary 8, 2001
Zodiac SignAquarius
LanguagesRussian, English, Finnish (in progress)
HobbiesCooking, embroidery, stretching, photography, video games
Favorite GamesThe Witcher 3, Heroes of Might and Magic, Dying Light, Valheim, 7 days to die
Instagram Followers3 million (as of July 2023)
Instagram Likes (Avg.)Over 200,000 per post
Twitter Followers219.1K
Net Worth (Estimated)$750,000 (as of 2023)

Expanding Horizons: The Move to Finland

At the age of 18, Vladislava made a daring choice to relocate to Finland, marking a significant turning point in her life that opened up fresh possibilities. It was during this period that she embarked on the journey of learning Finnish, in addition to her proficiency in Russian and English. Her multilingual capabilities not only broadened her international horizons but also extended her influence to a wider audience.

The Many Passions of Vladislava

While modeling undoubtedly occupies the central stage in Vladislava’s life, she also passionately engages in a wide array of hobbies and interests. During her free time, she finds joy in cooking, indulging in embroidery, practicing stretching exercises, exploring the art of photography, and even immersing herself in the world of video games. Her favorite gaming titles encompass The Witcher 3, Heroes of Might and Magic, Dying Light, Valheim, and 7 Days to Die. These diverse pursuits not only enrich her character but also offer a glimpse into her multifaceted and dynamic personality

Social Media Presence

Vladislava’s online presence is undeniably remarkable. With a staggering 3 million followers on Instagram, she has cultivated a dedicated and loyal fan base. Her Instagram feed is a captivating mosaic of daily life snapshots, showcasing her beauty, impeccable style, and exciting adventures. On average, her posts garner more than 200,000 likes, with some going viral and accumulating millions of likes and views.

Beyond Instagram, Vladislava maintains an active presence on Twitter, where she has amassed a following of over 219.1K users. Her website serves as the central hub for her online presence, offering links to her various social media accounts and a private platform where she shares exclusive premium content with her devoted audience.

Physical Details and Charismatic Aura

Vladislava Shelygina possesses a height of 5 feet 4 inches and maintains a weight of approximately 52 kilograms. Her body measurements, which include 33 inches for her bust, 28 inches for her waist, and 33 inches for her hips, contribute to her enviable hourglass figure. With her striking red hair and captivating hazel eyes, Vladislava radiates a charismatic aura that further enhances her undeniable allure.

Career and Net Worth

As a highly accomplished model and influential figure in the realm of social media, Vladislava Shelygina generates income through sponsorships and paid promotions. Her unwavering commitment to her profession and the steady growth of her online presence have culminated in an estimated net worth of $750,000 as of 2021. With her ongoing success and the broadening scope of opportunities in her career, it’s anticipated that her net worth will continue to rise in the years to come.


Vladislava Shelygina’s remarkable journey from Russia to the global stage stands as a testament to her exceptional talent, unbridled passion, and unwavering determination. Her modeling career and influential presence on social media have endeared her to millions and serve as a constant source of inspiration for budding models and influencers alike. With her distinctive style, wide-ranging interests, and magnetic charisma, Vladislava Shelygina unquestionably asserts herself as a formidable presence in the fashion industry.

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