Yael Cohen Aris BiographyYael Cohen Aris Biography
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Yael Cohen Aris is a multi-faceted individual celebrated for her remarkable contributions to the realms of fashion, software engineering, and social media. In this article, we will explore the life and accomplishments of Yael Cohen Aris, a fashion luminary and influencer originating from Israel. Her captivating imagery and engaging content across multiple social media platforms have endeared her to millions, making her a beloved figure among her followers.

Name:Yael Cohen Aris
Professions:Fashion Model, Software Engineer, Social Influencer
Date of Birth:August 13, 1996
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Age (as of 2021):25 years old
Location:South of Israel
Instagram Followers:1 Million+
YouTube Subscribers:7.66K
Height:5ft 8in (approx.)
Weight:51kg (approx.)
Body Measurements:Bust 34in, Waist 24in, Hips 34in
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Modeling Career:Started during IDF service in 2015-2019
Notable Campaign:Dan Bilzerian's Ignite in Thailand
Digital Magazine:HolyLand
Primary Motto:Support and uplift

Early Life and Background

Yael Cohen Aris was born on August 13, 1996, in the southern region of Israel. As a Leo, she carries the inherent traits of a natural leader. Her upbringing in Israel played a pivotal role in nurturing her dual passions for technology and fashion, which began to blossom from a young age.

Modeling Journey and Social Media Stardom

Yael’s foray into the modeling world commenced while she was serving in the Israel Defense Force (IDF), specifically in the intelligence branch, where she dedicated four years of her life from 2015 to 2019. It was during this period of service that Yael uncovered her potential as a fashion model and began laying the foundation for her modeling career.

Upon completing her service, Yael took a significant step by joining Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite campaign in Thailand, a move that propelled her further into the limelight. Her distinctive appearance, self-assured demeanor, and captivating personality earned her a substantial following on social media. Today, Yael is celebrated as one of Instagram’s most promising fashion models, boasting a devoted following of over 1 million fans who affectionately refer to themselves as “Yael lovers.”

Yael Cohen Aris - The Fitness Enthusiast

In addition to her modeling pursuits, Yael is renowned for her unwavering commitment to fitness and a wholesome lifestyle. She generously imparts her workout regimens and valuable fitness advice to her followers, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for countless individuals seeking to embrace healthier habits.

Digital Entrepreneurship

In parallel to her modeling and influencer endeavors, Yael Cohen Aris has ventured into the realm of digital entrepreneurship. Notably, she has recently established her very own digital magazine called “HolyLand.” The primary mission of this magazine is to offer support and deliver uplifting content to her audience. Through this innovative initiative, Yael aspires to leave a positive and lasting impact on the lives of her dedicated followers.

Style and Personality

Yael’s unique style and graceful demeanor have elevated her to the status of a fashion icon, resonating not only in Israel but also on the global fashion scene. Her fashion selections have garnered praise from numerous quarters, and her distinctive street style has emerged as a wellspring of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts spanning the globe.

Yael Cohen Aris on YouTube and TikTok

In addition to her prominent Instagram presence, Yael also curates a YouTube channel where she offers a diverse array of content, encompassing vlogs, fashion hauls, and behind-the-scenes insights into her daily life. Her TikTok account highlights her vibrant and imaginative side, effectively resonating with her youthful audience.


Yael Cohen Aris undeniably stands as a formidable presence—a fashion model, software engineer, and influencer who has skillfully paved her way in the dynamic landscape of social media and fashion. Her remarkable journey, from her beginnings in the IDF to becoming a prominent figure in the fashion industry, serves as a truly inspiring narrative. As she persists in leaving her mark through her digital magazine “HolyLand” and her enthralling content, it’s abundantly clear that Yael Cohen Aris is a name destined to remain radiant in the realm of fashion and beyond.

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