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Ava Kolker, the talented American actress and model, has been making waves in Hollywood since she first stepped into the spotlight. Born on December 5, 2006, in Los Angeles, California, Ava’s journey to stardom began at the young age of five when she landed a role in the renowned horror series “American Horror Story.”

Ava Kolker

Early Career and Breakthrough

From those early beginnings, Ava’s career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. She showcased her acting chops in various small roles until she garnered significant attention for her performance in the movie “Scary Movie 5.” This marked a turning point in her career, leading to even greater opportunities, including a pivotal role in the Disney show “Girl Meets World.”

Versatility and Success

Ava’s versatility as an actress has allowed her to effortlessly transition between different genres and mediums. Whether she’s captivating audiences in television comedies like “Sydney to the Max” as Olive Rozalski or bringing characters to life on the big screen, such as her role as Lily in “Scary Movie 5,” Ava consistently delivers standout performances.

Notable Roles

One of Ava’s most notable roles is that of Ava Morgenstern in the beloved Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World.” Her portrayal of Ava Morgenstern earned her widespread acclaim and contributed to the show’s success.

Personal Life and Values

Beyond her acting prowess, Ava remains grounded in her roots and values. Raised in an upper-middle-class family in Los Angeles, Ava has always been guided by her Christian faith. She attends a local high school in Los Angeles while balancing her acting career—a testament to her dedication and work ethic.

Ava Kolker

Family and Relationships

Family holds a special place in Ava’s life. She is the daughter of Doug and Sandrine Kolker, and she shares a close bond with her sisters, Jade, Kayla, and Lexy, the latter also carving her own path as an actress.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

In addition to her achievements on screen, Ava is committed to giving back to her community and advocating for causes close to her heart. An avid animal lover, she uses her platform to raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

Accolades and Recognition

Recognized for her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry, Ava Kolker received the prestigious Young Entertainer Award in 2016 for her outstanding performance in “Girl Meets World.”

Net Worth and Future Endeavors

As of 2024, Ava Kolker’s net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million, a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.


In a competitive industry where success is often fleeting, Ava Kolker’s star continues to rise, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood and inspiring aspiring actors everywhere. As she continues to evolve as an artist, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Ava Kolker’s promising career. Follow her journey on Instagram (@avakolker), Facebook (@OfficialAvaKolker), and Twitter (@RealAvaKolker) to stay updated on her latest projects and endeavors.

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