Desiree Schlotz Exclusive BiographyDesiree Schlotz Exclusive Biography
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In a world full of success stories, there are only a few that truly grab our attention and touch our hearts with their special journeys. Desiree Schlotz is one of those people. She’s an American-Filipina model who’s become famous on Instagram and TikTok. Her story is not only inspiring but also gives us strength. Let’s explore the life, career, and influence of Desiree Schlotz together.

NameDesiree Schlotz
BornJuly 18, 1997
Age26 years old (as of 2023)
BirthplaceMaryland, United States
OccupationModel, Entrepreneur
Known forHer swim brand Celestial Swim
Height5 ft 7 in (173 cm)
Weight127 lbs (58 kg)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignCancer

Early Life and Education: A Dream Takes Root

Desiree Schlotz came into this world on July 18, 1997, in the lively state of Maryland, USA. Growing up in a diverse family, she felt the spark of ambition from an early age. When she was just 15 years old, she took a bold step into the modeling world, a choice that would shape her extraordinary journey. Her determination to be the best led her to sunny Los Angeles, California, where she pursued her dreams while also attending college.

Career and Achievements: Shining Bright on the Global Stage

Desiree’s remarkable talent and captivating presence didn’t go unnoticed. Her remarkable looks made her a star in the world of fashion and entertainment. She appeared in well-known magazines like LA Weekly, Gemma Magazine, Maxim, and even Playboy, leaving a lasting impression. She also teamed up with famous brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly, and Lounge Underwear, which helped her amass a dedicated following of over a million on Instagram and more than 80,000 on TikTok.

Social Media Presence: A Digital Muse

Her online presence is truly captivating. On Instagram, Desiree uses her account like a canvas, showcasing her beauty, travel adventures, and clever humor. Meanwhile, on TikTok, her dance skills and lively personality keep her audience entertained and involved.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Pioneering Sustainability with Celestial Swim

But Desiree’s story goes beyond just modeling and social media. In a courageous step in 2022, she and her best friend Jessica Ghishan started Celestial Swim. This isn’t just a swimwear brand; it’s a mission. They’re dedicated to using recycled materials and environmentally friendly packaging. Celestial Swim isn’t just about fashion; it’s about empowering women to love their bodies and feel incredible in their own skin. It’s a movement that encourages self-confidence and sustainability.

Celestial Swim and Impact: Redefining Fashion and Empowerment

Celestial Swim has become much more than just a brand; it’s a revolution. Their TikTok account has gathered over 26,000 followers, and their lively website showcases a variety of bikinis in different styles and colors. The heart of Celestial Swim goes deep, with a mission to encourage women to shine with confidence and embrace their inner divinity.

Physical Attributes and Personal Life: A Blend of Beauty and Passion

Desiree’s diverse background, a mix of American and Filipino heritage, adds a special flavor to her life as she travels the world. Despite her petite stature, standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 112 lbs, she beautifully represents the richness of diversity. She’s not just about modeling; she’s also a music lover. She once serenaded TikTok with the timeless song “A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James, showing her love for music to her followers.

Net Worth: A Testament to Determination and Success

Desiree Schlotz’s story is a true example of what passion and determination can achieve. As of 2023, she has accumulated an impressive net worth of $1 million. This financial success comes from her modeling career, her presence on social media, and the remarkable accomplishments of Celestial Swim. It’s proof that hard work and dedication can lead to significant achievements.


Desiree Schlotz’s story is a bright illustration of how commitment, perseverance, and a daring dream can lead to remarkable success. From her humble beginnings in Maryland to her role as an influential entrepreneur, Desiree’s journey serves as a constant source of inspiration and empowerment for people worldwide. As she keeps pushing boundaries and reshaping conventions, we eagerly look forward to the next exciting chapter in her extraordinary journe

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