Amanda Trivizas biographyAmanda Trivizas biography
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In the big online world, someone special has become really popular: Amanda Trivizas. She’s an amazing model, and on Instagram, she’s made a big impact. People love her because she’s elegant, talented, and she poses in unique ways. But it’s not just her looks that make her special. She’s also inspiring lots of people who follow her to be themselves and follow their passions. Let’s explore Amanda Trivizas’s incredible journey, as she’s becoming a big star in the fashion world and winning the hearts of her fans.

Name:Amanda Trivizas
Date of Birth:March 2, 1999
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Nationality:American (German-Ecuadorian descent)
Siblings:Elder sister, Jessica Trivizas
Education:Bachelor's degree from California University, 2021
Additional Studies:Enrolled at Los Angeles River at Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies
Social Media Presence: Instagram: 1 million followers
TikTok: 45.4K followers, 177.9K likes
YouTube: 8.12K subscribers
Height:5 ft 6 inches
Weight:65 kg
Body Measurements:Bust 34, Waist 23, Hips 34 inches
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Tattoos:Five tattoos on her body
Passions:Traveling, Hanging out with friends, Playing golf, Animal lover

Early Life and Education

Amanda Trivizas was born on March 2, 1999, in Miami, USA, and she’s a Pisces. She comes from a mix of German and Ecuadorian backgrounds, which makes her extra interesting. Amanda has always loved modeling and fashion since she was a kid, and her family supported her. She even has an older sister, Jessica Trivizas, who became famous as a fashion model and social media influencer too.

A Multi-Talented Athlete

Amanda has always been active since she was a kid. She played different sports when she was in school and was even part of the volleyball team, showing how good she was at sports. For her education, she finished high school in her local area. Then, in 2017, she took a big step towards her dreams by going to California University. She worked hard and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2021. She also did more studying at Los Angeles River at Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies to make sure she had all the knowledge and skills she needed for her career.

The Journey to Stardom

After finishing her education, Amanda started her modeling career, and it quickly changed her life. In her very first photo shoot as a model, people noticed her right away because of her striking looks and charm in front of the camera. This was just the beginning of her journey to fame. As she became more and more popular, Amanda’s face appeared on the covers of many magazines, and she even showed up in a music video called “Like Dat” by Mechie So Crazy. Her excellent sense of style and the special poses she did made her stand out from the crowd, and people saw her as a really influential person.

Social Media Influence

A big part of Amanda Trivizas’ success comes from her strong presence on social media. She’s very active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where she shares amazing pictures and interesting videos. She has a million followers on Instagram, 45.4K followers and 177.9K likes on TikTok, and 8.12K subscribers on YouTube. This shows that she has a lot of devoted fans who follow everything she does.

Physical Beauty and Tattoos

In addition to being an excellent model, Amanda looks really good too. She’s 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 65 kg, with a perfect hourglass figure. Her beautiful brown eyes and long black hair make her even more charming. Amanda keeps her amazing body by working out regularly, which shows she really cares about staying healthy and fit. She also has five tattoos that she carefully chose and they are a part of her style.

Passions Beyond the Camera

Even with her busy schedule, Amanda still makes time for her interests outside of modeling. She loves traveling and has been to different states in the United States and even to other countries like Mexico, the Bahamas, and Monaco. When she’s not working, Amanda likes spending time with her friends and sometimes plays golf. She also shares her love for animals on social media and enjoys spending time with her furry pets.


Amanda Trivizas’ story, from starting as a new model to becoming a social media star, is really inspiring. She’s won over millions of people all around the world with her classy looks, talent, and the special poses she does. Because she’s so dedicated to fashion and modeling, Amanda is making a big impact in the industry, and she’s inspiring others who want to be models or do well on social media. As she keeps trying new things, there’s no doubt that Amanda’s star will only get brighter in the future.

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